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Bigelow Tea Voices Gwen Stefani’s Talent, Style, and Taste for Tea

It sounds like Gwen Stefani could use a cup of Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea to keep her both energized and relaxed in the months ahead!

bigelow tea Gwen

Hollaback Girl is back! She’s someone who does it all—she’s a famous recording artist, fashion designer, and busy mom all rolled into one! The fall, just months after bringing another baby into her rockin’ family, Gwen takes her place in a chair on “The Voice” next to music industry leaders Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams. Her presence, of course, brings new fans to the show like @m_langdang who tweets he’s watching the show just because she’s a judge.

If this isn’t a grueling enough schedule to make the average person go B-A-N-A-N-A-S, the L.A.M.B. fashion designer is also partnering with another brand and planning a New York Fashion Week comeback. Phew!

btfri4_Bigelow Tea Cooks It Up During National Pomegranate Month!

As a tea lover who could “drink tea all day long,” Gwen should be making sure she stays hydrated with her favorite tea flavors. Her No Doubt song “Hey Baby” even features a lyric about Chamomile tea! Always one to mix it up with her signature prints, Bigelow Tea recommends Gwen mix any Bigelow Green Tea with Bigelow Tea’s Pomegranate Pizzazz to add some, well, Pizazz, to those busy days.  It’s D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S and can be enjoyed hot or iced.


Bigelow Tea Fashion Find: Donna Karan Loves Tea!

Bigelow Tea Fashion

The clothes. The hair. The makeup. The nails. The runway. The theater. The coveted front row. There’s no hotter ticket in town in September than Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and Bigelow Tea certainly loves a good show! As the fashion elite and Hollywood A-listers step out in their fall finest, the designers themselves will no doubt be excited to show their latest designs. Among them will be iconic American fashion designer Donna Karan, who it turns out appreciates tea as well as great design!

Interestingly, tea seems to have found its place steeped in the world of fashion, with many designers reporting their love for their #dailycup. @CINDAAA knows that fashion and tea are a winning combination!

Donna built an empire at the intersection of comfort and femininity—with ‘seven easy pieces’ that changed the way women dressed. A devoted teaista, whose mantra is about finding ‘calm in the chaos,’ DK often conducts business dealings over tea at her downtown Urban Zen store.  Her DKNY show is slated for 1pm on September 7th.

So tell us: Who’s your fashion cup of tea?

(Image via Donna Karan New York)

Yankees Will Retire Bigelow Tea Fan Joe Torre’s Number!

bigelow tea joe torre

Another special baseball event: legendary manager Joe Torre’s Jersey No. 6 is being retired by the New York Yankees tomorrow August 23rd, a rare honor from the most successful franchise in MLB’s history.  Bigelow Tea is excited for Joe, who has been on the family-run company’s All-Star Tea Team for years as a great friend and an enthusiastic Decaffeinated Green Tea lover!

Retiring Joe’s number is a testament to him and the championship Yankee teams he coached. “I am incredibly humbled,” Joe said in a statement. “Because of what our players accomplished … No. 6 will stand for everything our players achieved.” Joe joins other Yankee greats like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Jackson. Talk about a Field of Dreams!

bigelow tea decaf green tea

Tea drinkers appreciate Joe’s love for Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea from years back when he was diagnosed with cancer. His Bigelow Tea was always on the Yankees bench. Bigelow Tea Facebook fan Penny Zeiter Shamy recently shared her “Joe story” of trying for ages to get her husband to drink Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea. He wouldn’t … until he saw that Joe Torre recommended it. “Thank you Bigelow Tea!”  And Joe himself said, “when I found out how good green tea was for me, Bigelow was easy to love!”

Bigelow Tea recently congratulated Joe when he was welcomed into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. Well, go ahead and raise another mug of tea today to commemorate the Yankees retiring Jersey No.6! As his plaque at Cooperstown reads: Joe Torre is a “Beacon of serenity and stature in the Dugout.” Maybe it was all that green tea!

Image by Keith Allison via

Bigelow Tea Knows Austin Mahone Is A Fan Of Sweet Tea

Bigelow Tea sweet tea

Teen singing sensation Austin Mahone has a sweet spot for tea. Yes, Bigelow Tea recently read a Q&A with Austin in US Magazine where he revealed that he’s actually “obsessed” with it!

In the article, the 18 year-old pop star shares 25 things “you don’t know about me,” and #3 is: “I’m really obsessed with drinking sweet tea.” Now “sweet tea”—iced tea with lots of sugar—is a big part of life down south, and because Austin was born in Texas and now lives in Miami, he’s got good reason to love sipping sweet iced tea. The Bigelow Family has strong ties to the south too, growing American Classic Tea right in Charleston, SC on its own Charleston Tea Plantation!

Bigelow Iced Tea is delicious when sweetened or not, so if Austin or any of his fans, known as “Mahomies” want to brew some of their own, maybe they’ll give one of Bigelow Tea’s many varieties a try!

If iced tea is your favorite summer drink—we know it’s yours @AyahNimer!—do you like it sweet? And which Bigelow Tea variety do you use most often?

Popcorn and Tea: It’s Bigelow Tea Movie Night!

Bigelow Tea_Movies

At Bigelow Tea, there’s nothing like a good tea cameo to perk up some favorite films.

Sure, there are productions notorious for their tea scenes like Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. There’s the expectation that the great English classic novel adaptations like Jane Austin’s Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice will feature tea in some way shape or form. And, there are a handful of films where tea plays a starring role, such as Tea With Mussolini (1999) and Tea and Sympathy (1956).

But, then there are the more dramatic, breakout roles, where tea debuts as a great equalizer for conflict or a metaphor for calm, composure and level headedness.

Remember the tea scene in The Great Gatsby (2013) when Gatsby and Daisy are reunited for the first time after years apart? The tension was so palpable it was hard to breath. But both characters soon relaxed over tea.

Or how about the diner scene in Silver Linings Playbook (2012) where Pat orders raisin bran and Tiffany orders tea? The point being: tea is familiar, comforting, reassuring—something both characters desperately seek in each other.

There are countless films, from documentaries to the classics, where tea appears. So, even if you prefer to read, like @DearAldii_ who tweeted that she enjoys “Cozy chamomile tea and a few pages of my new book before bed,” chances are you have a favorite tea movie too! Share your favorite tea film moments with us! #Bigelowfamily

Image via

Joe Torre, MLB And Bigelow Tea Star, Is Going To Cooperstown!

bigelow tea joe torre

Things are buzzing at Bigelow Tea—our good friend and baseball legend Joe Torre is going to Cooperstown! Bigelow Tea takes sports seriously, and this highest honor in baseball is well deserved with Joe’s stellar career! Bigelow Tea is proud that Joe was also the first sports star spokesperson for this family owned and operated tea company. Remember there is no TEAM without TEA!

As a player, Joe’s career batting average was .297 with 2,342 hits and 252 home runs; and in an even greater career as a legendary manger he won six American League Pennants and four World Series, ranking fifth in all-time wins with 2,326!

Joe has made a great impression on tea drinkers for years. He shared his love for Bigelow Tea in this vintage video from 2007, talking with Bigelow Tea President and CEO Cindi Bigelow (and another great Bigelow Tea lover Phil Simms). Joe shares that when diagnosed with cancer, he took action and decided that Bigelow Tea would be part of his overall plan for taking care of himself. That’s why Joe was often seen drinking Bigelow Green Tea during his amazing career with the New York Yankees!

Today Joe is the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for MLB and keeps busy with the Joe Torre Safe At Home FoundationSunday, July 27 at 1:30 p.m., after many other awards, Joe will receive baseball’s highest honor. The Bigelow Tea family is proud to say that Joe has been an All-Star on Bigelow Tea’s team for years!

Shenae Grimes Says Her Drink Of Choice Is Tea!

BIgelow Tea celebrity

Actress Shenae Grimes traveled from the Canadian TV show Degrassi, all the way to Beverly Hills 90210 and now to the filming of a Lifetime movie!  Grimes is quickly building a name for herself on the small screen.

Perhaps it was the change in locale that prompted a bit of a lifestyle makeover in Grimes.  Like actress Emily Blunt, many celebrities seem to be making more healthful choices when it comes to what they put in their bodies.

“I’m a tea drinker now! I’m totally off coffee and diet (soda),” said Grimes.  Along with other positive decisions, like her interest in yoga, Grimes is making many fantastic choices.

Plus, she’s in some pretty impressive company! Actor Tom Hanks also made the switch from coffee to tea and has been feeling the positive effects ever since!

Image via

Vampires Drink Blood but Ryan Kwanten Opts for Tea

Bigelow Tea celebrity

While HBO’s hit series True Blood (on final season 7) may be based on a world of blood-thirsty vampires, not everyone in the cast has the same “unique” tastes…

One of the show’s stars, Ryan Kwanten, prefers instead a nice cup of green tea! Kwanten seems to be following suit with the slew of stars jumping on the tea bandwagon! So perfect on a break from your busy day, whether you live in the world where humans and vampires interact, or not!

In the show, Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse, the brother of main character, Sookie Stackhouse.  Full of a myriad of mythical creatures and suspense, True Blood is a show based on the series of books by Charlaine Harris.

Image via

Bigelow Tea Spots Miranda Kerr During Tea Time!

Bigelow Tea_celebrity

What does world-class super-model, author, skincare entrepreneur and yoga-loving mom Miranda Kerr have in common with Bigelow Tea? Well, two things actually: 1) loving tea of course; and 2) caring about the harmonious connection between people and the planet!

Bigelow Tea spied this charming tea cup belonging to Miranda Kerr which she posted on Instagram with the simple words “Tea time” and the suggestion #takeamomentforyourself.  Yes, she’s a green tea lover, folks. So Miranda would certainly enjoy some of Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea varieties like Decaf Green Tea, Green Tea With MangoGreen Tea Chai, and the Bigelow family’s first blend (but the “green” version), Constant Comment. Or she can try the fave of fan @marscaparida, who tweets “Bigelow Green tea with pomegranate & acai tastes great!” Because Miranda is so environmentally conscious, she might want to sample some of Bigelow Tea’s certified organic Green Tea, and she’ll be happy to know about the company’s participation in the Ethical Tea Partnership!

We say, drink up beauty! How do you #takeamomentforyourself? Share your thoughts with the Bigelow family!

Image by Miranda Kerr via Instagram

Bigelow Tea Is Cool With Michael Connelly’s Iced Tea Addiction

bigelow tea

While it’s amazing sipping Bigleow Tea’s bone-thawing blends all winter long, there are some individuals who enjoy drinking iced tea any time of year. It’s refreshing, a delicious way to stay hydrated, and a nice alternative to soft drinks. Turns out, it’s also one of the keys to crea-TEA-vity for author Michael Connelly!

The Lincoln Lawyer author says he heads to his home office, closes the black-out curtains, and drinks up to a gallon of iced tea each day as he researches and writes his famous novels. That’s some serious hydration, there Mr. Connelly! This

self-proclaimed iced tea addict even installed a restaurant quality brewer to have the best brew at all times.

bigelow tea

Connelly says he has no problem sleeping at night because he switches between caf and decaf throughout the day. For those late evening writing sessions, Bigelow Tea’s herbal #SweetDreams over ice might be just what he needs. Or, he could take it to bed with a good book like fellow #SweetDreams lover @MarianneBarbour.

Send us a tweet and let us know which @BigelowTea you love year-round on the rocks. #JustAddIce

Photo by Mark DeLong Photography via