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Tea’s Benefits Get Our Attention At Bigelow Tea

btfri_Tea’s Benefits Get Our Attention At Bigelow Tea

There’s so much to love about Bigelow Tea, and tea in general! The taste, the aroma, the soothing nature of just sipping this wonderful beverage. On top of all that, there’s often good news to report on how tea can make you feel better too! Bigelow Tea loves to find studies that talk about the benefits of drinking tea, and we wanted to share some of that information today. We’ve shared studies before about tea and metabolism, tea and your immune system, and even about tea and beauty. Today we wanted to share some research about tea and your brain!

If you sip tea and think it helps you focus, you might just be right! A 2008 study examined the affect of the unique tea amino acid L-theanine on attention-related task performance. Task performance was measured by electroencephalographic (EEG), or the measurement of electrical activity produced by the brain as recorded from electrodes placed on the scalp. The results suggest L-theanine plays a role in attentional processing in synergy with caffeine! Another study of nearly 30,000 Finnish adults aged 25 to 74 years old, who were followed for 13 years, found that tea drinking was associated with a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease. Among tea drinkers, those who reported drinking three or more cups of tea per day were 69% less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease compared to those who reported not drinking tea.

btfri2_Tea’s Benefits Get Our Attention At Bigelow Tea

So, what’s not to love? Whether it’s English Breakfast in the morning or Vanilla Chai with a treat after lunch, tea is definitely our beverage of choice! When you pour yourself a steaming cup of Bigelow Tea, not only will you enjoy its fabulous taste … but you just might be doing a good thing for your body and mind too as all of the studies have said!

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Eat Better Together Month: Try Breakfast And Bigelow Tea

btwed_Eat Better Together Month- Try Breakfast And Bigelow Tea

October is Eat Better Together Month, and at Bigelow Tea we think breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. While making time to sit down for breakfast can be tricky, the benefits are great. Studies show that people who fill up on a healthy breakfast—one that includes a mixture of foods such as dairy, fruits, and whole grains— tend to focus better at school and on the job.

One great way to begin the day is with our Eggnogg’n Granola with Dried Fruit and Yogurt. This dish is made with our Eggnogg’n Tea and features oats, Greek yogurt and fruit. With this recipe, we hope all families start their mornings off right!

Eggnogg’n Granola with Dried Fruit and Yogurt

btwed2_Eat Better Together Month- Try Breakfast And Bigelow Tea



Tea Concentrate:

6 bags Bigelow Eggnogg’n Tea*
¾ cup boiling water

Tea Coating:

1/3 cup Eggnogg’n Tea concentrate
1/3 cup vegetable oil
¼ cup honey
¼ cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon real vanilla extract
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg


4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
½ cup slivered almonds
½ cup unsalted pumpkin seeds


½ cup snipped dried apricots
½ cup dried banana chips
½ cup coconut flakes
½ cup snipped dried mango
½ cup snipped dried pineapple
½ cup golden raisins


2 cups Greek-style yogurt
4 tablespoons Eggnogg’n tea concentrate
Honey to taste

Prep Time: 15 minutes   

Baking Time:  20 to 25 minutes

Makes 8 cups granola

btwed3_Eat Better Together Month- Try Breakfast And Bigelow Tea

*Variations: Try using Bigelow Cinnamon Stick TeaSweetheart Cinnamon Herb TeaBigelow Orange & Spice Herb Tea, or “Constant Comment” Tea


Heat oven to 350 F.  Line large 15 x10 x 1-inch or larger sheet cake pan with parchment paper.

Place tea bags in a 1-cup glass measure.  Add water.  Steep tea for 5 minutes.

Squeeze all liquid from tea bags into cup.  Discard tea bags. (About ½ cup tea concentrate.)

In 2-cup glass measure wisk together all tea coating ingredients; set aside.

In mixing bowl stir together all granola ingredients.  Pour tea coating over granola mixture; mix well.

Pour granola mixture onto prepared sheet pan.  Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, or until cereal is lightly browned.

Remove from oven. Stir in dried fruits; cool completely.

In small bowl stir together all yogurt ingredients.

To serve: place ½ cup granola in bowl.  Top with ¼ cup yogurt mixture.  Sprinkle with additional cinnamon or nutmeg.

Store leftover cooled cereal in covered container.

Top image by Steve.D.Hammond via

National Food Bank Week: Bigelow Tea Is Hungry For Food Equality!

 bttues_National Food Bank Week- Bigelow Tea Is Hungry For Food Equality!

Today at Bigelow Tea we’re looking at National Food Bank Week, which is Oct. 13 through 19. The week is a call for awareness to remind us that despite our country’s impressive agricultural resources, many still suffer from food insecurity. Food banks in communities across the country play a huge role in helping balance out food disparities.

Let’s put on the kettle and look at some of the facts. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that while that the world produces enough food to feed everyone on earth, nearly 870 million people (that’s one in eight people across the world) suffered from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012. Even in the U.S., the World Hunger Education Service reports thatfood insecurity is a reality for one in six people. All across our land of plenty, the challenge of hunger has not been conquered yet.

We can all do our part by getting involved in the community and helping local food banks by donating food or volunteering time. We’re proud that the 2013 Bigelow Tea Community Challenge benefitted two important organizations that provide basic food needs for people who are hungry: the Connecticut Food Bank, and Fairfield, CT’s Operation Hope, a shelter and food pantry. And we’re also thrilled that our Bigelow Tea “Green Team” created a Community Garden this year, producing fresh vegetables that we have been able to share with those in need.

 bttues2_National Food Bank Week- Bigelow Tea Is Hungry For Food Equality!

Bigelow Tea’s Community Garden

We hope everyone uses National Food Bank week to continue working towards a brighter future where food insecurity is no longer a problem.

Image from State Farm via

Bigelow Tea Is All Smiles Over Dental Study

btfri_Bigelow Tea Is All Smiles Over Dental Study

At Bigelow Tea, drinking tea always makes us smile. Now news about a U.K. health study has put a huge grin on our faces! World Dental, a dental health magazine, reports about a study that indicates that tea could have general oral health benefits.

The article, which quotes from a study published in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Nutrition Bulletin, says that “[p]eople who consume a minimum of three cups of good quality black tea per day will actually annihilate two types of dangerous bacteria that reside within the mouth and that are responsible for the development of gum disease and dental cavities.” The two bacteria are Lactobacillus and Streptococcus mutans.

If you prefer green tea to black, don’t worry. Research also indicates that “regular consumption of green tea helps [in] preventing bad breath by neutralizing all the damaging sulphur compounds which bring about the foul breath, plus green tea also protects against the development of cavities and the apparition of gum disease.

btfri2_Bigelow Tea Is All Smiles Over Dental Study

At Bigelow Tea we’re happy to increase our “tea intake,” for any reason … and this article just gives us another reason to pour a cup of one of our favorite black teas like English BreakfastLemon Lift or Earl Grey! Yes, planning our next cup of tea always brings a smile to our faces! And we hope this news will brighten your day too!

Top image by Rory MacLeod via

Learn More About Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Bigelow Tea

 btwed_Learn More About Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Bigelow Tea

October is a month when we like to “think pink” at Bigelow Tea. Yes, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s an important time to reflect on our health and the health of the women in our lives.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers. About 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a way for medical professionals, service organizations and government agencies to collaborate to promote breast cancer awareness, share information about the disease and provide greater access to services. Today, NBCAM is “dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health.” Currently, there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

 btwed2_Learn More About Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Bigelow Tea

At Bigelow Tea we hope that this month—and all year long—you will learn more about breast health and the latest research in this area. A great way to begin is to brew a nice cup of our “pink” boxed tea, English Breakfast, sit down and click on a few websites, like The American Cancer Society and Men Against Breast Cancer, that have tons of information about breast cancer.

So, take this month as a little nudge to read a bit and talk to your friends and relatives about breast cancer (while sipping tea, of course). That way, as you continue to eat well and exercise regularly, maybe you’ll learn something new … and at the very least, you’ll give yourself one more opportunity to enjoy a cup of Bigelow Tea!


Enter Our Celebrate Fall Bigelow Sweepstakes And Win Our New Chai Teas!

bttues_Enter Our Celebrate Fall Bigelow Sweepstakes And Win Our New Chai Teas!

It’s time to enter the Bigelow Tea October sweepstakes for your chance to win our new Caramel Chai and Chocolate Chai teas! Get ready to “fall” for these tantalizing blends of black tea and exotic spices that are just right for the season’s cooler temps! A total of 24 lucky winners will take home one box of each flavor.

The Caramel and Chocolate varieties are the latest additions to our popular Chai Tea line introduced in 2005. If you’re already a chai fan, the new flavors offer another tempting twist on this centuries-old drink enjoyed by the Maharajas of India. Love the taste of rich, dark chocolate? Is creamy caramel your go-to flavor? You can enjoy both with this tea prize! For an authentic chai experience, just add a touch of milk and sweetener to your tea after brewing. Delicious!

To enter, “like” our Facebook page and click on the sweepstakes icon under our large cover photo.  The sweepstakes ends on Oct. 31. Check our blog to see if your name is on the winners’ list. Good luck, and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!


Bigelow Tea September Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

facebook sweeps _back_to_school_1a instagram


Once again we are so excited to announce all of the winners of our September Back To School Sweepstakes.  All of you entered via our Facebook page, here on our blog, our Twitter and our Instagram and so we had 24 winners in total.  Please note that we will contact you within 2 weeks via email to confirm you are a winner so we can send you your prize.  Congrats everyone!!


David from Georgia

Shawanda from Florida

Billie from West Virginia

Tina from Minnesota

Zmom from California

Jaclyn from Tennessee

Nicole from Connecticut

Lisa from Manitoba Canada

Dana from Ohio

David from Kentucky

Lindsey from Washington

Cheryl from Georgia

Dawne from North Carolina

Suzun from Washington

Kasi from Washington

Kimberly from Washington

Charlotte from Florida

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Kate from New Jersey

Last Chance To Enter Our Back To School With Bigelow Tea Sweepstakes!


TODAY is the last day to enter our Back to School With Bigelow Tea Sweepstakes for your chance to win a Fine Tea and Herb Tea Gift Assortment! If you’re a college student, this neat little box filled with eight tea varieties is the ideal way to take a little bit of home back to campus. Or, it makes a lovely gift for the special co-ed in your life—or even for a parent celebrating the arrival of the back-to-school bus!

We know many college students enjoy tea and find that brewing a cup stirs warm childhood memories, so it is our pleasure to present the Fine Tea and Herb Tea Gift Assortment as our September sweeps prize. It contains eight each of the following teas for a total of 64 individually wrapped tea bags:

To enter the sweepstakes via Facebook, simply “Like” our page (if you haven’t already!) and click on the sweeptakes icon under the large cover photo (and if you prefer to enter via Twitter, follow @bigelowtea and click on the sweepstakes link we will post daily or enter via Instagram and share your favorite back to school cup of tea using the hashtag #bigelowbacktoschool where you will be automatically be entered).

Hurry, the sweeps ends at midnight EST tonight! Be sure to check our blog to see if your name is on the winners’ list. Happy back-to-school season!


Cindi Bigelow Reflects on Corporate Responsibility and the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge in Huffington Post

btThurs_cindi community challenge1

For Bigelow Tea CEO Cindi Bigelow, being a corporate leader goes far beyond her office door. In a new article on the Huffington Post, Cindi shares her views on what she calls “corporate responsibility” and how thinking about this responsibility to the community led Bigelow Tea to start the annual Bigelow Tea Community Challenge.

More than 25 years ago, the teenage son of a long-time, dedicated Bigelow Tea employee passed away. “I knew as a company we had to do something that would honor his son’s memory,” Cindi says in the article. After considering many options, the company decided to start a road race, the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge. Fifty people ran in the first race, and $3,000 was raised to create a scholarship in David’s name.

btthurs2_cindycommunity challenge2

Over the years, this event has evolved to attract thousands of runners and to aid many notable nonprofits in Connecticut. On Sunday, September 29th, Bigelow Tea will hold its 26th race in Southport, Connecticut. Funds from this year’s event will go to 17 charities that help the homeless, hungry and those at-risk in our community. There will be three athletic events taking place: a 5K Road Race, a 2-mile Fitness Walk and Kids’ Fun Race.

We encourage you to join Bigelow Tea and register for your spot in the race. We all have a community responsibility to help others … and this is a wonderful, meaningful way to do so.


Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

btwed_Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

Since the beginning of time, honey has been used to sweeten what we eat and drink. And, of course, Bigelow Tea has always known that this nectar goes beautifully with tea. During September’s National Honey Month, we’re getting the buzz out about how to find quality honey, locally.

There are a number of places where we can buy this naturally sweet stuff. First, farmers markets are a great source as farmers and beekeepers offer samples and can answer questions. Natural food stores are another option. Or consider joining Community Support Agriculture (also known as a CSA), which is a network of farmers that sell their crops directly to you.

Honey in general is a golden color, yet not all types are alike. The color and flavor can depend on where the honeybees get their nectar. Honey can have a lighter hue and a mild taste or be darker with a stronger flavor. In fact, according to the National Honey Board, there are more than 300 types of honey available in the United States, from flower sources ranging from alfalfa to tupelo!

At Bigelow Tea, we are quite enamored with honey, so much that we’ve created honey-themed gifts. They include our Honey Spoon Gift Set, with spoons that dissolve right in your cup, and our Tea and Honey Basket (pictured below) which pairs our vanilla teas with a honey pot, honey spoons and a jar of honey. They truly are “the bee’s knees.”

btwed2_Bigelow Tea Is Buzzing Over National Honey Month

Top image by Laura Zimmerman via