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Bigelow Tea Salutes Flag Day and Our Troops

Friday, June 14th, 2013


On National Flag Day, June 14, let’s pay tribute to our country’s symbol of red, white, and blue: our American flag. We at Bigelow Tea decided to brush up on our “flag etiquette” through the United States Flag Code, a how-to list on displaying our Stars and Stripes. Here are some pointers to share:

  • When raised, the flag should be hoisted briskly and lowered ceremoniously. Don’t allow it to touch the floor or ground, nor carry or hold anything in it. It’s common to fly the flag from sunrise to sunset, but it can also be flown throughout the night if properly illuminated. And don’t fly it in bad weather, unless it’s an all-weather flag.
  • The term “half-staff” means that the flag is lowered to “one-half the distance between the top and bottom of the staff.” In this manner, the flag should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position.
  • Parades have rules too. When the U.S. flag is carried in procession with other flags, our nation’s flag should be either on the right of the line of flags, or in front of the center of the line. On floats, the flag should be displayed on a staff. With cars, the flag is attached to the right fender, or chassis, not draped over the vehicle. No laying it on a train or a boat either.

Bigelow Tea also shows its patriotism by sending a special care package to our armed forces. We ship our “Tea for the Troops,” to those serving our country. The American Classic Tea is made from tea grown at our Charleston Tea Plantation and put into special red, white and blue packages. It’s a wonderful way for our soldiers overseas get a taste of “home.”


And let’s not forget that June is also Iced Tea Month! So, as we celebrate our country’s heritage, let’s raise a glass of iced tea and salute our flag and those who defend it!

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Bigelow Tea Honors All Dads on Father’s Day

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013


This Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of June, and that means it’s Father’s Day! We at Bigelow Tea would like to thank all the fathers out there who take the time to be an inspiration, a role-model, and a supporter of all that their kids do. On this special day, there are sure to be golf matches, baseball games, barbeques, and family gatherings. But if you’re wondering what Dad would really love on Father’s Day, we have the answer: dads just want a little time with their children. Yes, a great day of relaxation and kid-time with nothing else to get in the way—that’s the best gift of all.


And, to make a beautiful afternoon in June even more relaxing, offer your father a tall glass of iced tea! Caring kids (with Mom’s help) can make iced tea for Dad. In fact, they can even try to figure out what flavor—or flavor combinations!—their dad might like best! Maybe he’s a Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade kind of guy. Or perhaps he’d like to try a mix of our Pomegranate Pizzazz Herb Tea and Green Tea with Pomegranate. Whatever his choice, we know he’ll appreciate iced tea and time with his family. You might even consider surprising him—even if it’s after Father’s Day—with our World’s Best Dad Tea Chest so he can make tea all year long!


Tea and time … sounds like the perfect combination for Father’s Day this year! It will leave Dad wishing that every Sunday could be Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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Bigelow Tea Thinks About Men’s Health This June!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


A message to all the men out there: you’re not invincible! Really—even though many guys think they are indestructible when it comes to their own health. In fact, men’s tendency to take their health for granted—by ignoring symptoms and failing to keep regularly scheduled doctor’s visits—can be a problem. That’s why Bigelow Tea looks at National Men’s Health Week as an opportunity to remind men, and those who love them, to be aware of preventable health problems.

This year Men’s Health Week runs from June 10th to the 16th, and one of the aims is promoting healthy living by stamping out the stigma in men’s physical and mental health. Early detection and treatment of disease is important for us all of course, but as Robert Sobut, MD, clinical instructor of psychiatry at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine tells us: men and women receive different messages early on in regards to their health. “A man is acclimated from an early age to tough it out, so they tend to not like to ask for help.” 

But there’s plenty for men to be aware of. The list of the greatest threats to men’s health includes heart diseasecancer and chronic lung conditions. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us that the most important thing is understanding health risks and taking action, starting with healthy lifestyle choices. Eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, quitting smoking and getting regular checkups are all important.


And don’t forget our many fantastic Bigelow Tea varieties like our tasty and soothing Green Tea! No calories, less caffeine than coffee (or none at all if you choose an herbal option) … and it’s pretty relaxing too! Plus, nothing beats a refreshing iced tea after a good cardio workout! Men: take action!

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It’s National Iced Tea Day-Have A Glass Of Bigelow Iced Tea!

Monday, June 10th, 2013


We simply can’t get enough iced tea this month … and we’re especially excited because today, June 10th, is National Iced Tea Day! So let’s all get a nice, tall glass and fill it with cold, refreshing iced Bigelow Tea!

Today is the perfect day to relax with Bigelow Iced Tea. Whether you brew up a single flavor like Red Raspberry or try a delicious combination of several flavors and varieties, it’s a super-easy way to turn your favorite hot beverage into your favorite cold one! Just boil some water, pour it over your favorite tea, let it steep and then add the ice! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


To make life even simpler, we’ve created some quart-sized tea bags that can be used to brew a whole batch of iced tea! We think you’ll love our Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade combo. In this beverage, rich black tea is combined with sweet lemonade for a truly refreshing drink that you can enjoy every day … but especially today on National Iced Tea Day!

Top image by Growing Up Biligual

Refreshing Ideas From Bigelow Tea To Kick Off Iced Tea Month!

Friday, June 7th, 2013


Bigelow Tea over ice, how nice! We absolutely adore fresh-brewed iced tea and know many of you do, too, especially during the summertime. That’s why, come June, it is always exciting to welcome National Iced Tea Month—that’s right, a whole month dedicated to celebrating everything iced tea!

There are so many things to love about homemade iced tea, in addition to the delicious refreshment it delivers. Did you know, for instance, that it is simple and economical to make your own iced tea? It’s true! Any Bigelow Tea variety can be enjoyed over ice. And since you brew it yourself, you control how much sweetener goes into the glass or pitcher, making fresh-brewed iced tea a healthier choice than prepared mixes that come with extra sugar and preservatives. Join Cindi Bigelow in her kitchen (in this video), where she demonstrates just how easy and fun it is to make your own iced tea (plus, take a peek inside her cool “tea drawer”):

As Cindi points out, another way to enjoy iced tea is to experiment with different flavor combinations. We polled consumers to find out which combo is the most popular. The winner? I Love Lemon Herb Tea and English Teatime! You might also want to try one of the fantastic Bigelow Tea “winning combination” iced tea recipes created by our own savvy tea tasters. How about Cranberry Hibiscus and Orange & Spice Iced Tea or Green Tea with Mango and Perfect Peach Iced Tea? Delish! For the ultimate in convenience, look no further than our quart-size tea bags in various flavors, as well as our popular Half & Half Iced Tea and Lemonade blends. Each tea bag in these packages makes a pitcher of iced tea. Stash in the fridge for a refreshing start to the summer season!


Bigelow Tea Considers Commencement And Next-Gen Tea Drinkers!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013


Graduations are all about celebrating major life transitions. Chances are, you or someone you love is preparing for Commencement Day, leaving behind high school or college for new adventures on campus or out in “the real world.” We here at Bigelow Tea say congrats to all new grads and wish them much future success … and plenty of care packages filled with Bigelow Tea! After all, there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of tea to stir warm memories of home!

It is wonderful to hear from so many Bigelow Tea fans who grew up with our teas and continue to enjoy them through each stage of their lives. And, as Cindi Bigelow learned when visiting her own alma mater, Boston College, tea is a dorm room staple for many college students. Whether looking for a caffeine boost while studying or a soothing beverage like Dad made to chase away a cold, undergrads are carrying on tea traditions and creating new ones of their own. Here’s a fun video of Cindi talking tea with the students:


Graduation brings with it exciting opportunities for young people to explore their independence and develop new interests. So we are happy to share that Bigelow Tea has more than 120 tea varieties and an ever-expanding list of gifts and new items to engage the next generation of tea drinkers. You can always count on finding classics like “Constant Comment®” and Earl Grey but won’t want to miss our latest offerings, which include Caramel ChaiDecaffeinated Green Tea with Pomegranate, and our Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade Blends—all innovative and delicious!


Here’s to each member of the Class of 2013 as he or she discovers all the new tastes that lie ahead!

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Bigelow Tea May Organic Spa Basket Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


As always, we are excited to announce the winners of our Bigelow Tea May Organic Spa Basket sweepstakes.  Please note that you will be contacted within 2 weeks so we can verify your contact information so we can send you your prize.  Congrats to the winners!!


Marie-Claude from Quebec

Sue from New York

Kala from Arkansas

Bigelow Tea Shares Tips For Sun Safety Week And All Year Long

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


As the Beatles sang, “Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.” Indeed, nothing brightens the mood quite like a sunny day! All of us at Bigelow Tea hope you are finding time to spend outdoors gardening, lounging at the beach, having fun with your kids … or all of the above! But whatever your outdoor pursuits and passions might be, just remember to play it safe in the sun. National Sun Safety Week is June 2-8—a good time to review the latest tips for protecting your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.

The good news is that many people understand the importance of sun protection. Yet, it’s startling to learn that more than 1.2 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year, according to the Sun Safety Alliance. It’s important for everyone to practice safe sunning—no matter what your skin tone or where you live. To limit your overall sun exposure throughout the year, keep in mind that the sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Take extra precautions during these hours by seeking shade whenever possible and wearing protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen and apply it liberally and often, especially after swimming, perspiring or toweling off.


And here’s a simple DIY tip to tone and refresh your skin before and after sun exposure:  Make a Green Tea Spritzer with Green Tea! While you’re at it—especially since it’s Iced Tea Month here at Bigelow Tea—whip up a batch of your favorite fresh-brewed iced tea to keep you cool and hydrated when the weather heats up. We wish you a safe summer of fun in the sun!

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Bigelow Tea is terribly misrepresented about lead and not much I can do but watch…

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Cindi Bigelow, CEO, Bigelow Tea

Wow what a heck of a week it has been.  I think I have not stopped looking at my computer for one week straight (as many on my team have also been doing). It is amazing how one “off- comment” can truly be so harmful.  I could never say what they did was to scare people but that was the net effect.  This one company called, that is paid to do studies (they do not disclose who pays for each study) did a report on comparing green tea pills versus green tea bottled drinks versus green tea (in teabags and loose)-okay that is fair and actually something we welcome.

Results are interesting and  seem logical…. They have the same results our years and years of testing of many brands of bottled tea and tea in both bags and loose  have shown.  The report finds  what we would have expected them to see, that bottled teas really have very little of the antioxidant EGCG, and yes tea (bags and loose) have much more.  However, an important point is missing, EGCG varies per crop so that what is found in the tea will change the next time it is tested.  And they also made a completely inaccurate statement that teabag paper somehow filters out heavy metals. (Heavy metals can’t release out of the leaf.) also tests the pills, bottles and tea for lead (which is smart as pills can have issues in this area), and the study clearly states that all the bottled teas and brewed green teas are clean from containing any significant amount.  The reason for that is very simple.  Lead, as well as most heavy metals,  can be found in the soil and can get into the plant.  However, lead does not release from the leaf into the water so virtually nothing infuses into the cup. (The teabag paper has nothing to do with it.) But for some reason the president  of decides to mention that Bigelow and Lipton have lead in the leftover teabag.  But what he was focusing on was completely irrelevant, for as his study stated, all the brewed cups of tea were clean. Trace amounts of lead remain in the leaf, and the brew that you drink is clean.   This fact that the cup is 100% safe has gotten buried by the attention he has drawn to the leftover leaves!   People who love tea are inappropriately concerned that some brands are not safe.  Because of this side bar statement, some people are associating the words Bigelow tea and the word lead!

That started a firestorm that I could not believe unfolded in front of my eyes.  And the most unfortunate part is that there are people that read that statement who might not drink our tea because they are scared of what they read.

An important fact to know is that both the tests and our independent labs show that a brewed cup of tea has (at the most) 1/5 the amount of lead allowed by the EPA for bottled water!  The bottled green teas tested (which most likely were made from China green tea as over 70% of all green tea sold in our country is from there), are also safe from lead.  However, the recap of the study makes another irrelevant  comment when it states that the origin of the tea could be a significant factor affecting the amount of lead in the leaves since the brewed beverages are clean. The leftover leaves used for brewing bottled teas most likely will have some lead in the leaf but the fact remains that it does not release into the beverage.   So although EGCG can vary, especially from bottled to teabags, (a point brought out in the paid study), lead is never an issue when consuming either product.

It is just hard for me to watch all this go on around me knowing how much care we take to ensure we only sell lovely tasting and safe products and I will never understand why this individual singled us out to talk about lead in the leaf  but he really scared a lot of innocent people unnecessarily.

Not much more I can do now, just continue to always test our teas and only sell what we know is 100% safe for my own family to consume….such is the world of social media,  you have to take the good with the not so good!

Cindi Bigelow

President and CEO

Third Generation, Bigelow Tea


Bigelow Tea Celebrates Iced Tea Month With A June Sweepstakes!

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Iced Tea? Lemonade? There’s no need to choose just one when you can have our Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade plus our Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade with Pomegranate! Enter the Bigelow Tea June sweepstakes for your chance to be among the 20 lucky winners to receive one box of each flavor. That’s 12 quarts of delicious refreshment to get your summer off to the right start!

These lightly sweetened iced tea and lemonade blends have been a huge hit with consumers, who appreciate the classic flavor combination with natural sweeteners packaged in convenient, quart-size tea bags. The Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade Twin Pack is a fantastic way to try both flavors. Indulge in the taste of rich black tea and sweet lemonade the way it should be enjoyed—fresh brewed! It takes just minutes to make and has only 10 to 15 calories per glass. Perfection!


Your Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade Twin Pack contains the following: One box of Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade and one box of Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade with Pomegranate. Each box has six quart-size tea bags to make a total of 12 quarts.

To enter, “like” our Facebook page (if you haven’t already!) and click on the sweepstakes icon under the large cover photo. The sweepstakes ends on June 28. Be sure to check our Bigelow Tea blog for the names of the 20 lucky winners. Good luck … and here’s to a summer of fun and sweet refreshment!