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Which Celebrity Would You Like To Share Bigelow Tea With?

Friday, March 8th, 2013


Have you ever played that game at a party asking “who would be the famous person, dead or alive, that you’d most like to meet?” Being tea-lovers, we at Bigelow Tea know that a first encounter is one thing, but relaxing over a newly poured cup of our favorite tea (whichever that may be), with the steam gently rising, the aromas wafting up … well, that’s something all-together different. It brings people to a whole new level of relaxation. Plus, when you are sharing a cup, it just seems easier to get to know each other. It’s one of our favorite things about tea!

Well then, let’s play our own party game. Say you are sitting in a comfy chair with a cute little table in front of you, another cozy chair just across. Tell us: which famous tea enthusiast (past or present) would you most want to share your afternoon tea?

Bigelow Tea’s Connecticut Green Team

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


To become the model for the rest of our company, the Production Green Team has been working diligently towards refining and improving our production and warehouse recycling efforts.  Our goal is to reduce and then eliminate waste from our production of tea here in our Fairfield Plant.  This does not come without some big hurdles.  We have paper, foil, corrugated, plastics, plastic bags both clear and colored, card stock, cans and bottles, glass, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, electronic items, metal, nylon, and my least favorite disposable material of all STYROFOAM.  Hate it… this is probably the single most useless product in America.

It is amazing how detailed recycling and composting can be.  The sizes and colors of bins, the location of these bins and of course the removal of the said waste products, as they are recovered from our manufacturing process.  We are fast finding out, that like in real estate and business location is everything.  Location determines how much more efficiently we can recover our waste and still keep our fellow employees close to their work stations.  This way they can continue doing the jobs efficiently, so the company can keep up with and exceed our tea bag per minute standard.  After all making tea bags is what we do and someone has to operate and maintain the machinery, to reach 1 plus billion bags of tea per year.

Educating our co-workers is another one of our other challenges, even our temporary employees are educated on what goes where.  Here at Bigelow we are always looking for alternatives to “throwing out the trash”.  With this being said the rules for disposal are forever changing what was trash today is recycled tomorrow and that then might become compostable next week.  For instance in our cafeteria we went from products that would be thrown out, to recyclable and now all of our cafeteria utensils and serving ware are compostable.  The company has used physical samples, posters, videos, emails and the “recycling police” (a group of employees telling people what goes where during lunch breaks).  With more training to come so we may become more proficient, thus making our company and employees more environmentally aware both here at work and at home.

Look for our greening efforts to take place in the near future throughout the Fairfield facility.  We should really be able to increase our environmentally friendly waste and continue to reduce our “bad” trash in the upcoming months with the help of all our fellow employees.

Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket Makes a Great Gift

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


March is a great month for enjoying all things green! Spring will have its official start date this month, and many people of Irish descent—honorary ones too!—will proudly celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day. And at Bigelow Tea, we’ve gone green in a special way … by creating our Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket. Not only for tea drinkers, this basket is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys life to the fullest!

The lovely willow basket is packed with 72 tea bags of our Bigelow Green Tea varieties. It’s a great way to try our green teas. Go fruity with lemon, pomegranate, peach and mango flavors. Savor our pairing of Green Tea With Wild Blueberry and Acai. Get a hint of mint from with Green Tea with Mint. Or just sip Bigelow’s Green Tea in its original form!

Along with tea, other treats make this basket even sweeter to give, or get. We’ve included two jars of Savannah Bee Tea Honey and a package of tea candy. Plus, we couldn’t resist adding in chocolate covered graham crackers and chocolate wafer rolls. And yes, we know mugs will be needed. So, of course, we’ve thrown in a pair of green Bigelow Tea Personaili-Tea Mugs that just happen to be microwave and dishwasher safe! What’s not to love?!

Our Green Tea Personali-Tea Basket brings a breath of spring to gift giving. Going “green” can taste and feel so good!


Bigelow Tea Takes a Fruity Approach to National Nutrition Month

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Yes, we know the Valentine’s Day candy was hard to ignore. But now, after indulging on many holiday delights, Bigelow Tea thinks it’s time to get back on track with healthy eating! So, as March marks National Nutrition Month, let’s make sure our plates stay full of fruits and veggies.

The USDA gave us all a vibrant push in eating right, too. Last year, its iconic food pyramid got a major overhaul by becoming a colorful plate to show us how to include more greens, reds and other healthy “colorful” foods in our diets. And if you’re thinking of a colorful cup of tea, some of fruit-flavored teas might be just what you’re looking for! Go ahead and try a taste of Bigelow Tea in orangeblueberrypomegranateraspberry, or peach. Some teas, like our Pomegranate Pizzazz Herb Tea, contain real fruit juice concentrate.


It’s also important to stay hydrated. At Bigelow our teas provide a delightful way of doing so. If you find lemon very refreshing, we offer several lemony options. For example, our Lemon Lift black tea mixes just the right amount of citrus with a good dash of spice, while our aptly-named I Love Lemon herb tea is a refreshing blend…both can be enjoyed hot or cold. What a wonderful way to keep hydrated during National Nutrition Month!


So in March—as well as in the months that follow!—don’t be afraid to get fruity … with your pick of Bigelow Teas. We’re happy to do the same thing, year-round.

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Bigelow Tea and No Doubt Are Vocal about Chamomile Tea

Monday, March 4th, 2013

There is nothing more soothing than sipping a cup of tea, particularly an herbal variety like our Cozy Chamomile. And while we at Bigelow Tea could sing the praises of this popular herbal tea non-stop, we thought you might like to hear from a professional singer like Gwen Stefani of No Doubt!

It just so happens that the group’s hit single, “Hey Baby” features a line about chamomile tea!

“I’m just sipping on chamomile
Watching boys and girls and their sex appeal
With a stranger in my face who says he knows my mom
And went to my high school…”

With No Doubt’s new album, “Push and Shove,” set for release in the U.S. in September, we thought this would be a perfect time to mention the group’s love of tea! In fact, we’ve written before about Gwen Stefani and her penchant for drinking tea while she’s on tour. And of course, she’s not alone. Many other rock stars are choosing tea as their preferred beverage of choice backstage.

If chamomile is their favorite tea, these rockers are in luck! The Bigelow Tea Chamomile Tea line features a variety of flavors that include Chamomile Mango Herbal Tea and Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea.


So, if Gwen and the gang keep hydrated during their performances by sipping chamomile tea, we hope they’ll turn to Bigelow Tea for their sipping pleasure!

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Meet Bigelow Tea Fan Of The Month Kathy Patalsky, Passionate Tea Drinker And Vegan

Friday, March 1st, 2013


March Bigelow Tea Fan of the Month Kathy Patalsky is a self-described former “coffee-holic” who now prefers soy chai lattes, as well as our Constant Comment® black tea and Sweet Dreams Herb tea. OK, we’re swooning! She also happens to be a vegan blogger whose recipes show that a diet free of all animal products can be downright delicious. We checked in with Kathy to learn more about how tea fits into her healthy lifestyle and are so pleased to share her inspirational attitude here today!

First off, prepare to be amazed by the mouth-watering food photos on Kathy’s Happy. Healthy. Life. website.  As Kathy says, “You do not need to be a vegan to love vegan recipes!” (Look for her recipe for Goji Lemon Teamade with “Constant Comment” as well as Citrus and Spice Tea Banana Bread in a future post on our blog.) Kathy became a vegan about 10 years ago and insists it’s not as difficult as people think: “My lifestyle as a vegan is pretty normal actually. I eat my favorite foods, I cook my own meals and dine out just about anywhere. Vegan options are easy to find or ask for. Being vegan pairs well with my deep love of animals and offers many health benefits, which is important to me.”


As for tea, Kathy is passionate about it. “I adore the ritual of tea drinking as it really gives me an escape from my busy workday,” she says, adding that she drinks at least two cups of tea a day. Kathy said good-bye to coffee-based soy lattes about three years ago. Now, it’s the “cravable” vibrant orange spice flavor of Bigelow’s “Constant Comment” and the calming effect of our Sweet Dreams Herb Tea that keep her coming back for more!

Kudos to Kathy for committing to eating and living well – and showing us new ways to love tea!

Bigelow Tea Highlights The Power Of Youth In Going Green!

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


National Green Week, which took place a few weeks ago, is all about inspiring young people to embrace sustainability. Here at Bigelow Tea, we are well along our own “Sustainabili-TEA” journey and love seeing so many innovative programs dedicated to educating future guardians of the planet! Although February 4-8 is officially “Green Week,” schools and individuals are encouraged to pick any day or week up until Earth Month in April to do something in support of sustainability.

To get the ball rolling, the Green Education Foundation’s website offers project themes for K-12 students, including a Waste Reduction Challenge that teaches about the benefits of recycling. The kids learn, for instance, that recycling one ton of paper would save enough energy to power the average American home for six months! Another great option is the Green Energy Challenge, empowering children to take small steps that can have “a big collective impact on our environment, our economy and our societies.”

Bigelow Tea’s own green education has evolved over several years, with many employees becoming key initiators and supporters of energy-saving changes. Check out this video highlighting the many ways we are making Sustainabili-TEA an integral part of our business. We’re especially proud to have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill status at all three of our facilities through aggressive recycling, reuse and composting methods championed by plant managers.

Of course, the job is never finished, and Bigelow Tea stands with the nation’s students and educators in the ongoing effort to learn all we can about how to protect the environment and conserve our precious natural resources!


Mul-TEA-tasking: 8 DIY Ways To Use Bigelow Tea

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

At home, there’s more than one way to enjoy Bigelow Tea! In recognizing February as our “Do It Yourself” month, our employees have tested certain methods that put our teas to good uses. And our results have been successful!

So, here are eight tried-and-true ways for you to DIY with Bigelow Tea:

  1. Reduce razor burn

To soothe razor burn and relieve painful nicks and cuts, apply a wet Bigelow Tea bag to the affected area. And don’t forget to replace the blade before your next shave.

  1. Relieve your tired eyes 

Soak two Bigelow Tea bags in warm water and place them over your closed eyes for 20 minutes. The tannins in the tea act to reduce puffiness and soothe tired eyes.

  1. Soothing mouthwash

To ease mouth sensitivity, rinse your mouth with a cup of hot Bigelow Peppermint Tea mixed with a pinch or two of salt. Peppermint is an antiseptic and contains menthol, which reduces pain on contact with skin surfaces.


  1. Perfume a sachet

Next time you make a sachet, try perfuming it with the aroma of your favorite Bigelow herbal tea. Open a few used herbal tea bags and spread the wet tea on some old newspaper to dry. Then use the dry tea as stuffing for the sachet.

  1. Enhance your compost pile

To speed up the decomposition process and enrich your compost, pour a few cups of strongly brewed Bigelow Tea into the heap. The liquid tea will hasten decomposition and draw acid-producing bacteria, creating desirable acid-rich compost.

  1. Clean wood furniture and floors

Freshly brewed black Bigelow Tea is great for cleaning wood furniture and floors. Simply boil 2 tea bags in a quart of water and let it cool. Dip a soft cloth in the tea, wring out the excess, and use it to wipe away dirt and grime. Buff dry with a clean, soft cloth.

  1. Prepare planter for potting

For healthier acid-loving potted plants, place 2 or more used Bigelow black or green tea bags on top of the drainage layer at the bottom of the planter before potting. The tea bags will retain water and leach nutrients to the soil.

  1. Shine your mirrors

Brew a pot of strong Bigelow black tea such as Earl GreyEnglish Breakfast or Darjeeling, let it cool, and then use it to clean the mirrors. Dampen a soft cloth in the tea and wipe it all over the surface of the mirrors. Then buff with a soft, dry cloth for a sparkly, streak-free shine.

And then reward yourself with a cup of your favorite Bigelow Tea!


Bigelow Tea Appreciates The Busy Tea Service At Downton Abbey!

Monday, February 25th, 2013


It’s the hot drama of the season, BBC’s Downton Abbey, with its aristocratic family and servants living on a country estate in the early decades of 20th century England. The show started off as a huge hit in the UK, and by season two it was cemented as a worldwide event, more popular than any other offering in the history of “Masterpiece!” Here at Bigelow Tea we’re mesmerized by the drama … and we’re particularly enthralled by all of the tea being consumed! The busy Crawley house is ensconced in tea culture, with everybody, both master and servant, enjoying their daily cup. Accordingly, Downton has become a cause for celebration among millions of tea fans like us!

The passion runs deep. Many fans on this side of the pond greeted season three with afternoon tea parties, from New York to San Francisco, celebrating all the stars of Downton, including Maggie Smith, the newly introduced Shirley McClain, and their prominent co-star: tea!

The abbey that serves as the setting of the BBC production is also a star. For centuries Highclere Castle has been the real-life home of the aristocratic Carnarvon family, hosting kings and queens.  The family also welcomes visitors and guests for special events. What an experience it would be to enjoy high tea at this world famous castle!

We have our own kind of tea-loving “aristocracy” in the U.S. too, from Tom Cruise to Meg Ryan, and many other tea-drinking celebs! Just like in Downton Abbey, Bigelow Tea knows that tea is for everyone, and we’re proud help write that script.


However you enjoy your tea—whether it’s English Teatime from silver teapots with savory finger sandwiches or English Breakfast in a big ol’ mug on the couch in your jammies—watching the latest intrigue and gossip from Downton Abbey is most certainly our cup of tea!

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Celebrate National Wedding Month With Bigelow Tea And Our Charleston Tea Garden!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Despite its bleak reputation weather-wise, February still shines as the season of love! Many proposals take place on Valentine’s Day, and for couples planning a spring, summer or even a fall wedding … now is the time to begin preparations. No wonder the bridal industry has declared it National Wedding MonthBigelow Tea knows that one of the first decisions brides and grooms make when planning a wedding is picking the venue. And boy do we have a wonderfully romantic suggestion: our own Charleston Tea Garden—the largest working tea garden in the U.S.!

Tucked away on Wadmalaw Island in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, the Tea Garden features breathtaking views of tea fields and towering live oaks, as well as several options for planning a unique celebration in a natural setting brimming with old-fashioned southern charm. One lovely tradition is for couples to trade vows under the branches of the Tea Garden’s oldest live oak, fittingly named “the Wedding Tree.”

And the Pavilion, located in the tranquil tea fields, is an ideal spot for the reception. It provides overhead lighting and ceiling fans, and can be decorated myriad ways to reflect a special theme or your personal style. In need of inspiration? Wedding trend watchers are seeing a growing preference for elegant details evoking the style depicted in the popular PBS series Downton Abbey and recent film adaptations of Anna Karenina and The Great Gatsby. Think crystal glassware and gold silverware and chargers, darling. But elegance doesn’t have to be stuffy. As wedding planner Ivy Robinson tells Bridal Guide, couples often take an eclectic approach “combining natural, outdoorsy details with elegant elements.”

Whether you prefer minimalist décor or plenty of glitz, Charleston Tea Garden provides a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable wedding day. Cheers!