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Bigelow Tea’s Back To College Tips

bigelow tea back to college

It’s that time of year again. What seemed like an endless summer has now come to a sudden halt. College students have wrapped up once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunities, said good-bye to their parents for another semester, and moved back into their dorms. All these changes combined with figuring out your class schedule can be stressful—but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are a few “Back to College” tea drinking tips from Bigelow Tea:

  • It always helps to have an assortment of Bigelow Tea for every occasion: A cup of Earl Grey for the morning, Green Tea with Mango for an afternoon pick-me-up, and Cozy Chamomile to unwind after a busy day of classes and studying.  Bigelow Tea also has a number of assorted teas packs, perfect for college living.
  • Heat your tea water with an electric tea kettle or in your dorm microwave. Both are space savers and multipurpose. If you’re looking for temperature directions, here’s a handy guide to bookmark on your cell phone.
  • This Tea for One Personali-Tea mug is a great way to begin your college journey. It also comes with an assortment of flavors, so you can enjoy the teas you like most while making new discoveries.
  • Socialize with Bigelow Tea. Whether you’re studying or looking for a quiet night with your roomie, there’s a flavor for every occasion. Don’t forget to check out the delicious drink recipes online!

bigelow tea chamomile mango

As college student @ayyojitos mentioned, it’s “time for some shut eye so I can sign up for classestomorrow. #backtocollege.” This is the perfect time to steep a mug of Chamomile Mango Herbal Tea and spend a few minutes relaxing. Bigelow Tea’s college survival tips: Stay calm, make friends, study hard, and drink tea!

Keep us posted on your accomplishments throughout the semester and remember to send us your #backtocollege tea sippin’#mugshots!

Bigelow Tea And Lacrosse Are Deep Rooted In United States History

bigelow tea history

The World Cup in Brazil certainly generated excitement this summer, but did you know we had some world class competition right here in the U.S. this July? The World Lacrosse Championships were held in Denver, Colorado over six days in July. The sports lovers at Bigelow Tea enjoy competition and know there are many sports and teams to root for—just like there are so many teas to choose from! It’s no wonder Bigelow Tea fan, asked recently: what’s your favorite Bigelow Tea?

The Federation of International Lacrosse may not be a household name, but lacrosse has a long and storied history in the New World, just like tea. In fact lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports in North America, originating with indigenous peoples as far back as the 17th Century. Players use the lacrosse stick to catch, carry and pass the small rubber ball, in an effort to score on the opponent’s goal. Players wear protective gear because the game can get pretty rough!

bigelow tea lax

Lacrosse has been gaining popularity for years. In fact, this year’s “World Cup” Lacrosse Championship (also held every four years) had a record 38 nations in competition. The tournament drew 150,000 visitors over six days, culminating with the July 19th battle between Canada and the United States. Alas, Canada came out on top!  Like a good cup of Bigelow Tea and the Bigelow family itself, Lacrosse is a part of U.S. history!

1st image from Instagram via @brittney_taylor, 2nd image by Bill Brine via

Bigelow Tea Knows Austin Mahone Is A Fan Of Sweet Tea

Bigelow Tea sweet tea

Teen singing sensation Austin Mahone has a sweet spot for tea. Yes, Bigelow Tea recently read a Q&A with Austin in US Magazine where he revealed that he’s actually “obsessed” with it!

In the article, the 18 year-old pop star shares 25 things “you don’t know about me,” and #3 is: “I’m really obsessed with drinking sweet tea.” Now “sweet tea”—iced tea with lots of sugar—is a big part of life down south, and because Austin was born in Texas and now lives in Miami, he’s got good reason to love sipping sweet iced tea. The Bigelow Family has strong ties to the south too, growing American Classic Tea right in Charleston, SC on its own Charleston Tea Plantation!

Bigelow Iced Tea is delicious when sweetened or not, so if Austin or any of his fans, known as “Mahomies” want to brew some of their own, maybe they’ll give one of Bigelow Tea’s many varieties a try!

If iced tea is your favorite summer drink—we know it’s yours @AyahNimer!—do you like it sweet? And which Bigelow Tea variety do you use most often?

Earl Grey Bigelow Tea Makes A Lifelong Impression On A Navy Veteran

Bigelow Tea Earl Gray

Bigelow Tea received this note from Steve Hilton, a Navy veteran. We wanted to share it with you today and thank him for his service and also for taking the time to let us know how Bigelow Tea made an impression on him that has lasted a lifetime.

When I was in the Navy, stationed at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, I was introduced to Bigelow Tea’s Earl Grey by a man in the next room. He was a recovering alcoholic, and your tea—and my joining him for a cup of Earl Grey—was instrumental in keeping him sober, and working through the “rough patches” that are associated with maintaining sobriety.  I never drink a cup of tea without thinking of him, and the blessings that were made possible by a cup of Earl Grey.

-Steve Hilton


Bigelow Tea Spots Miranda Kerr During Tea Time!

Bigelow Tea_celebrity

What does world-class super-model, author, skincare entrepreneur and yoga-loving mom Miranda Kerr have in common with Bigelow Tea? Well, two things actually: 1) loving tea of course; and 2) caring about the harmonious connection between people and the planet!

Bigelow Tea spied this charming tea cup belonging to Miranda Kerr which she posted on Instagram with the simple words “Tea time” and the suggestion #takeamomentforyourself.  Yes, she’s a green tea lover, folks. So Miranda would certainly enjoy some of Bigelow Tea’s Green Tea varieties like Decaf Green Tea, Green Tea With MangoGreen Tea Chai, and the Bigelow family’s first blend (but the “green” version), Constant Comment. Or she can try the fave of fan @marscaparida, who tweets “Bigelow Green tea with pomegranate & acai tastes great!” Because Miranda is so environmentally conscious, she might want to sample some of Bigelow Tea’s certified organic Green Tea, and she’ll be happy to know about the company’s participation in the Ethical Tea Partnership!

We say, drink up beauty! How do you #takeamomentforyourself? Share your thoughts with the Bigelow family!

Image by Miranda Kerr via Instagram

Fans Love Bigelow Tea for Every Situation

Bigelow Tea fans sure know how to enjoy a cup of tea any time of day! Whether they’re in need of an early morning perk-me-up or looking for a soothing sip while relaxing in the hot tub, Bigelow Tea is along for the ride.

In her video (above) Euphreana starts the day slow, but is soon dancing in her pajamas after a sip of Peppermint Tea. What a way to start the day without the side effects of caffeine!

Paul Weller, on the other hand (below) sips Bigelow Tea all day long because, as he puts it, with “a wide variety of flavors, there’s one for every situation.” From Mint Medley to I Love Lemon and Peppermint, find out where he takes his tea.

What makes Bigelow your cup of tea?


Bigelow Tea Thinks National Iced Tea Day Is Cool!

bigelow tea national iced tea day

Bigelow Tea is always excited when summer—the premium iced tea-sipping season—rolls around! And today, June 10National Iced Tea Day, there’s nothing as fresh as a cold, tall glass of Bigelow iced tea to help you stay hydrated!

On Twitter, tea lover @dirty_dishes21 referred to a warm summer day as a “sundress and iced green tea kinda day,” and Bigelow Tea loves that thought! Bigelow Tea has some great iced tea selections, but any of your favorite Bigelow Tea varieties are perfect when iced in the glass! Oh, and here’s a refresher on how to make iced tea!

Iced tea can be even better when it’s given a little extra love. Try Bigelow Frozen Iced Tea (pictured above) or Bigelow Tea’s tempting Half and Half: Iced Tea and Lemonade. Delicious!!

See you on the patio!


Bigelow Tea Hearts Melissa Joan Hart

bigelow tea

Like family-run Bigelow Tea, actress Melissa Joan Hart is all about family, collaboration and determination. Her sis-in-law Sally Wilkerson has become one of her BFFs, and they’ve created a support system to ensure they both stay fit and healthy. With Wilkerson’s interest in fashion and Hart’s desire to look (seriously) awesome for the cameras, they hold each other accountable when it comes to exercise and diet.

To help lose weight, Wilkerson mentioned replacing her sweet tea with water. However, as Bigelow Tea lovers know, tea doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Simply cut out the sugar, gals! Flavors like Green Tea With Pomegranate are naturally refreshing sans sweetener. (As leslee deann noted on Instagram: #yum.) And if you prefer your tea cold, just add ice and skip the sugar for a refreshing afternoon #pickmeup.

Photo from MelissaJoanHart via Instagram

Bigelow Tea Stays Cool During Iced Tea Month

bigelow tea iced tea month

With the very warm summer weather—and the longest day of the year—approaching, the thought of a nice, cool beverage like iced Bigelow Tea is definitely appealing. That must be why National Iced Tea month is in the month of June, as well as the official start of summer!

While iced tea can be enjoyed all year long, it is especially refreshing during the summer months. What could be better than a tall glass of fresh-brewed iced tea from Bigelow Tea after gardening, mowing the lawn or taking a good, long bike ride? Iced tea is also the perfect beach beverage that the whole family can enjoy.

Though it’s hard to imagine, iced tea is a relatively new “invention.” Its origins can be traced as far back as 1890, but it was widely popularized at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Now, some 120 years later, summertime and Bigelow iced tea go hand in hand.

All Bigelow Tea varieties are delicious on ice, but some really tickle the summertime palate. Try Plantation Mint for a crisp, clean beverage, or Perfect Peach for a delicate, sweet drink. Bigelow Tea even makes Iced Tea bags specifically for brewing iced tea! Or, as @needcaffeine tweeted, “8 bags of Bigelow green tea makes a great gallon of iced tea.”

This June, as the summer solstice arrives and the days are long and lingering, take a moment and brew yourself a pitcher of iced tea with Bigelow Tea. Then, sit back, sip and relax. You’ll wish every month could be National Iced Tea Month!


Bigelow Tea For Dad On Father’s Day

bigelow iced tea

Father’s Day is coming up, and whether your dad is a guy on the go or a mellow sort of fellow, Bigelow Tea has two gift ideas that will make him smile on June 15th!

First up is Bigelow Tea To Go! Is your dad always on the go? Commuting, racing off to meetings or zipping around town to coach the lacrosse team? Then he’ll be thrilled to receive this double-walled 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler and an assortment of sixteen Bigelow Teas!

bigelow tea iced tea_2

Or is your pop the guy who enjoys his quiet time, reading the paper, checking the sports scores or doing the crossword with a nice mug of tea? If you said, yep, that’s my father … then he’ll love Bigelow Tea For One! The keepsake box includes a great Personali-tea mug, an assortment of 44 individually wrapped Bigelow Teas and a 3 oz. jar of Savannah Bee Company© Honey!

At Bigelow Tea, family is important to us, and we believe that a good, hot mug of tea—with a warm hug—is the best gift of all!! So let’s not forget the dads out there. @Ginny Buhler Warger shared on Facebook that Earl Grey Decaf is her dad’s favorite tea. Which one does your father enjoy? #Bigelowfamily