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Bigelow Loves Knowing That Matthew McConaughy Drinks Tea!

Movie watchers are buzzing about actor Matthew McConaughey’s suddenly shrinking physique. Don’t be alarmed Magic Mike fans! The athletic star says he is losing weight on purpose for yet another film role. Bigelow Tea is happy to hear Matthew telling interviewers that he is losing the weight slowly and sensibly – and that he’s drinking lots of tea!

We applaud Matthew’s commitment to his craft and for setting a good example for healthful eating and living. He has been making the talk show rounds this summer to promote his latest film, Killer Joe. Appearing on Larry King Now, Matthew said he has lost 15 pounds and intends to shed 15 more by mid-September, when he begins shooting for The Dallas Buyers Club.  In that film, he’ll be playing a man who contracts HIV. “It’s a bit of a spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse,” says McConaughey. “[I’m] drinking a lot of tea.”

It’s great to see a star we’ve enjoyed in lighthearted romantic comedies take on grittier and more challenging roles. So, to Matthew, we say, “stay strong,” … and we hope he’ll partake in the many varieties of Bigelow Tea while he’s on his artistic journey!

Photo via The Daily Mail

Liam Payne From One Direction And Bigelow Tea Have A Lot In Common

Juxtaposition is a funny word, but it’s one that comes in handy when comparing two things that may not typically be grouped together. Take, for instance, Liam Payne of the wildly popular British boy band One Direction and our favorite beverage of choice, tea. Tea may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a 19 year-old teenage pop star, but like Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Liam is a tea lover! We at Bigelow Tea actually aren’t surprised at all.

Having been born in England, it’s no wonder that Liam has the sophistication for sipping the brew. In fact, he has asked his tour staff to serve the elixir in his dressing rooms prior to all his shows. Apparently, Liam says he “loves an English Breakfast tea with three sugars before show.” Our hearts are swooning like a 12 year-old girl!

We hope that when One Direction comes stateside, he’ll give our very own English Breakfast Tea a try! And while he’s at it, perhaps he’d like to sip our English Teatime. Who knows? He might just start requesting two different kinds of teas in his dressing room!

One Direction’s song What Makes You Beautiful is at the top of all the music charts, and tween girls seem to think that the group is here to stay! Wherever their careers go, Bigelow Tea knows that Liam Payne is at the top of our charts. Just knowing that we share a passion for tea makes him a hit in our book … and the group’s songs do make us tap our toes!

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Devilish Or Not, Bigelow Tea Knows That Prada Enjoys Her Cuppa Tea

The Prada name is known the world over for exclusive fashion, so Bigelow Tea took notice when the stylish Miuccia Prada recently sat in the esteemed Carlyle Hotel in New York, enjoying a pot of herbal tea while talking with New York Magazine. How exciting to see the reigning queen of the fashion world enjoying a stylish cup of afternoon tea!

Miuccia Prada is the lead executive and designer of Prada, one of the most storied fashion labels in the world, but she didn’t start out there. She first earned a doctorate in political sciences from the University of Milan – and then trained and worked as a mime for five years! Finally, just before turning thirty in 1978, Miuccia decided to go into the family’s luxury leather goods company, started by her grandfather Mario Prada in 1913.

The vision and direction of Miuccia and her husband Patrizio Bertelli has been credited for reinventing the company as an international power. Fashion is her life, but Miuccia is also intimately connected to the art world. In fact, her design work is featured this summer in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a sophisticated address for the elegant icon’s considerable body of work.

Miuccia takes fashion very seriously, driving the distinctive Prada trademark with the surprising combinations and blending of materials. Hmmm … this reminds us of another family-run company that takes their product very seriouslyand is well known for blending different components: Bigelow Tea! Delicious tea blends, like the black tea, orange rind and sweet spices that make Constant Comment,  are Bigelow Tea’s fashion statement. We appreciate the value of a delicious (and fashionable) cup of tea. And we hope you’ll enjoy our tea with style and panache!

Image by Brigitte Lacombe via

Bigelow Tea Finds Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice At A Tea Party With Taylor Swift

Superstar singer Taylor Swift radiates a girl-next-door sweetness that’s a big part of her appeal, especially to younger fans. She shows just how sweet she really is in this adorable video of her at a tea party hosted by Sophia Grace and Rosie, two very chatty little girls from England. You’ll see why these cutie pie princesses “from across the pond” are developing quite a following of their own on YouTube. The tea party was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the girls do regular segments. Bigelow Tea just had to share the fun in case you missed it!

As the happy trio shows, there’s no better way to share special moments than over a spot of tea. Of course, pink tutus and sparkly tiaras are great conversation starters, too. The gals bonded while discussing a wide range of topics: the delights of glitter glue, boys, silly jokes, and their shared love of all things chocolate. They agreed that “a feast with candy bars” would be awesome. We certainly agree – and recommend Bigelow Tea’s Pomegranate Pizzazz as the perfect companion beverage!

Thank you Sophia Grace, Rosie and Taylor for making us smile – and presenting a wonderful twist on the traditional tea party. Princess style rocks!

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“Where Would We Be Without Tea?” Gilbert O’Sullivan And Bigelow Tea Wants To Know

What would we do without tea in our lives?  This is something that we’ve contemplated often at Bigelow Tea.  But we know that we aren’t the only ones pondering this interesting subject! Celebrated singer/songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan was so moved by the topic that he had to write a song about it!  From his latest album “Gilbertville,” there is a quirky and amusing song “Where Would We Be (Without Tea)” all about the brew we love most. In the song he wonders “like a camel without a hump, an apple without core, a needle without thread… where would we be without tea?” We think he poses a very good question!

Although Mr. O’Sullivan may be most famous for his 1972 Billboard chart topping hit “Alone Again, Naturally,” he has written scores of songs and still writes and tours.  But even on tour he isn’t without his tea.  He’s quoted as saying “I always take a teapot with me on tour. I suppose it’s only natural that I’ve just written a song called Where Would We Be Without Tea? Every time I look at my teapot paperweight I want to put the kettle on. I couldn’t live without tea. I have two cups in the morning, one at lunch, two in the afternoon and one in the evening…” 

With Mr. O ‘Sullivan’s passion for tea, it’s no surprise that he wrote another song about it too: “Do you know if I was stranded on a dessert island and was allowed to take one thing I’d choose tea!

Funny, us too!

Photo courtesy of York Press

Bigelow Tea Remembers A Delightful Scene From the Classic Comedy Tootsie

You know that here at Bigelow Tea we love movies and television shows that feature scenes involving tea! Whether it’s a film adaptation of a Jane Austin novel, or something more modern like a scene from TV’s The Mentalist, tea-drinking on screen makes us smile.

One of the most popular comedies of all time (#2 on the American Film Institute’s 100 years…100 Laughs!) involves just such a scene. We’re looking at the 1982 classic Tootsie, starring Dustin Hoffman as an unemployed actor who disguises himself as a woman to get a great role in a soap opera. The movie was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and actress Jessica Lange won the Oscar for her supporting role in the film!

The scene we’re thinking of is when Dustin Hoffman’s character, Michael Dorsey, first meets his agent in character, as his new persona “Dorothy Michaels.” They meet at the Russian Tea Room and the agent, played by Famed Director Sydney Pollack, has a classically comedic reaction to the entire situation. Although the two characters don’t ever order their tea, we think that their choice of a famous tea room for their meeting is reason enough to celebrate!

If we had to choose a tea to represent Dorothy Michaels, we might pick Vanilla Chai. We think the “mystery” of chai tea is somewhat akin to the mystery of who Ms. Michaels really is. Plus it’s robust and flavorful!  And if you’ve seen Tootsie, you’ll know that those adjectives describe that character to a “tea.”

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Bigelow Tea Looks At NBA Superstar LeBron James And His Love For Chamomile Tea!

There are professional basketball “stars” and “superstars,” but for LeBron James of the Miami Heat, we may need a whole new category: “mega-superstar.” Here at Bigelow Tea we think there’s no other way to describe the NBA’s 2012 MVP, who also happens to have three MVP awards in the last four years. LeBron has just completed one of the finest all-around NBA seasons ever. And we love that he also knows how to relax from the rigors and heat of the spotlight with a calming cup of chamomile tea!

LeBron played brilliantly during the NBA finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder – but what really impressed us recently was a slam-dunk article from Sports  that describes his meticulous tea drinking habits! While being interviewed this spring, LeBron ordered chamomile tea as the sun was setting. “For me,” he said, “this is chillin’ time.”  The article describes his tea-time habits in detail: “He prepares the tea as if it is a science project, lifting a small jar of honey and slowly pouring it into a teaspoon he holds over the mug, until the honey is about to overflow. He lowers the spoon and gently stirs, then squeezes three lemon wedges into the tea…”

Swish! Nothing but net!

When it’s game time, LeBron’s as serious and competitive as anyone, keeping his eyes on the prize: “[M]y only ultimate goal is to win an NBA championship…” But when it’s time to relax, LeBron can sip his tea and take a break, just like other sports stars we’ve talked about before.

We hope LeBron will try our Chamomile Mint, Chamomile Mango or our simple Cozy Chamomile tea when he needs more “chillin’ time.” Meanwhile, if he plays ball in the same way he prepares his tea, we know he’ll be a winner!

Image by Robert Duyos via

Bigelow Tea Takes A Look Backstage And Finds More Rockers Drinking Tea!

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all live like rock stars and have our tea served just the way we like it … where and whenever we want it? Well Bigelow Tea found a fun article about the “special requests” that rock groups make for backstage dressing rooms when booking concerts, and it was great to see that tea was among the required items that made several lists!

Our favorite tea-related request was made by the classic rock band, REO Speedwagon. This group, which rose to fame in the 1970s, must be a big fan of Bigelow Tea. Their very specific request when they play a show? “One box each of Earl Grey and Constant Comment teas.” Wow! Makes us wonder if “Keep On Loving You” might have been written about our teas! We think Ruth Campbell Bigelow, who created Constant Comment in her kitchen over sixty years ago, would be tickled pink to know that everyone from rock stars to grandmothers are enjoying her tea!

We were also pleased to read that Pete Townshend of The Who requires “a Chamomile tea setup (“with milk, not half and half”) when he performs in concert. How very relaxing! Also, the Neville Brothers must take a break from New Orleans beverages like Hurricanes and Café au Lait when they perform, because it was reported that they require decaffeinated green tea backstage.

It sure is fun to think about the demands we’d make in our contracts if we were rock stars. How about you? If you were getting ready to rock, which tea would you require backstage? Let us know!

Image bcmom via

NCIS: Los Angeles’ Hetty Lange Demands Allegiance And Tea!

She’s Henrietta (Hetty) Lange, the steely NCIS: Los Angeles special operations manager with a maternal side and a mysterious past. Bigelow Tea is a big fan of this fascinating and complex character, as played by veteran actress Linda Hunt. So naturally, we loved reading that Hetty’s favorite beverage is tea!  In fact, in one episode Hetty approves a mission in Afghanistan only after agents Callen and Sam promise to bring her back a bag of tea leaves. That’s some serious tea passion!

Delving into Hetty’s bio details prompted us to speculate about what type of Bigelow Tea she might prefer. Some tantalizing clues: speaks multiple languages, has an MFA from the Sorbonne, is a pilot, a published novelist and has an extensive list of aliases. Oh, and she has “unparalleled access to contacts throughout the intelligence and defense communities.” Hmm … this woman requires something exotic! Perhaps Darjeeling, known as the “champagne of teas”? Or maybe Spiced Chai Tea with its enticing blend of spices? And for those moments after the case is solved and less caffeine is preferred, we’d suggest Jasmine Green Tea, which captures the essence of the Far East with smooth flavor and a hint of jasmine.

No matter what her preferences might be, we know there’s a Bigelow Tea variety to capture Hetty’s fancy – and enhance her efforts to capture the bad guys!

Photo via Wikia Entertainment

Steve Jobs, A Simple Genius Who Loved His Tea

We were looking at some words about tea from Steve Jobs from 30 years ago; a man whose genius led to the creation of one of the most successful companies in the world, Apple Computers. In 1982, Steve shared that “[1982] was a very typical time.  I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.” Simple but powerful. We think it’s interesting that even with the grand simplicity of design in the products that Steve created, they nonetheless served to open an enormous realm of opportunities to those who used them, benefiting so many lives.

Bigelow Tea finds Steve’s minimalist philosophy perfectly fitting to our own feelings about tea. It’s a simple product, straightforward and uncomplicated, but oh how abundant are the feelings of pleasure and indulgence it brings to all of us every day.

Steve’s minimalism was not just evident with his work at Apple. He was famous for pursuing an uncomplicated life, seemingly able to strip things down to the fundamentals. Whether his home décor, his vegan palate, or his products, he was able to make it suitably simple, yet so elegant. Considering all that tea has to offer, we think Steve was exactly right when he said “All you needed was a cup of tea…!”

Image by Diana Walker via